4.1 Independent Project One - ericwestland
Scott Landwehr

Scott Landwehr

I have been doing Infrared (IR) photography since back in the film days when I would have to keep the film in a cooler to keep it from not getting too hot and effecting the exposure. I love the out of this world effects with IR. I had an old Canon 10D that I was not using and sent it to to have it converted to IR dedicated camera. I have used this camera in my photo class for years. Each student gets to use it for two weeks. I am hoping to be able to convert my old Canon 40D so we have two to use. All digital cameras are already IR sensitive, what they do is remove the IR filter in the camera and replace it with a dark red filter.

What I love about IR is that the sky and water go dark which makes for a great backdrop for the subjects who go very light. It makes for great drama in IR images. I set a custom white balance in the camera by taking a photo of something green and telling the camera that will be white. If you look at my images you can see that they are not just BW but more of a sepia tone which I love the warmth. See How To Shoot Infrared lifepixels.com

When I edit the image I also like to put a blur in the highlight which makes it look how IR film used to look. I think my love for simple BW comes from my film days when working in the darkroom, and I just love the simplicity of IR BW images. I would highly recommend everyone trying IR -- you will get hooked.