2.8 Share Your Favorite Images From Module 2 - ericwestland
Teryl Campbell

Teryl Campbell

I am enjoying learning how to better use my Canon EOS Rebel T2i and a couple of the new programs, LightZone and Luminance. The more I learn, the more I realize I've come a long way, yet have oh so much further to go!!!

To be honest, I am not sure how I will apply my new learning to the classroom. My district likes teachers to use Twitter and I used it last year to share what my class was doing to bring awareness to issues related to the health of the ocean. I've also used pictures and video in WeVideo to capture memories of our journey together.

At the fifth-grade level, each student is loaned a Chromebook for use throughout the year. We use it to take pictures and create digital portfolios using Seesaw. Pictures can help tell a story!

The pictures I chose, tell a little bit about me.

I thrive when I am outside and communing with nature. To illustrate this, I am sharing a picture of a hibiscus. Details: 1/100 sec at f/4/5 and ISO 100.