2.8 Share Your Favorite Images From Module 2 - ericwestland
Scott Landwehr

Scott Landwehr

I am An Art/photography teacher. I am working at this class from the angle of how I can make my photo class better. It’s always interesting to see how another teacher organizes lesson and what they emphasis in a class. I am always looking for the best way to get information across to students the most effective way. It’s always good to know 20 different ways to explain a point. So I am very much enjoying how the class is laid out and how it is so well thought out. I will be using the new programs and web sources in my class next year.

One of the things I love sharing with student is night photography. The photo of the bridge and the fishing shanty are two photos I had taken on several of our field trip around the city. We used tripods cable releases in taking these photos. I have the students start out using TV and they move to fully manual as the night gets darker. My favorite hour for night photography is the hour just after sunset and you still have blue in the sky.

The last photo is not a night photo but from chinko terra Italy. I used my Olympus gt4 waterproof camera to 40ft. I was snorkeling in the harbor trying not to get run over by boat to get this shot. F8/ 1/320 of a sec /ISO100.